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Good vibes

Pizza party at the Ara house

By Léa Pternitis | 15.07.2021

Once the guests arrived, with a drink in hand, we were able to meet the new OCA-livers over pizzas. Thanks to international backgrounds, there was always something to chat about (in English, French, Portuguese or even German). 

The OCA-livers french team.

Jeanne and Caroline, in Brussels for internships in Human ressources and Insurance.

Guillaume and Côme, Coq-de-Roche co-livers, enjoying the night out.

Guillaume and Agnès, living at the Ara house.

Thanks to the OCA-livers for sharing such great moments! 

Romanian and Italian expats, Irina and Priscilla, both working in the heart of Europe. 

The OCA team, here to spend some good time with the co-livers.